Research (Notes)

Research as a “systematized effort to gain new knowledge.”

~Redman and Mory

Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge.

Once can also define research as
a scientific and systematic search for pertinent information on a specific topic.

In fact, research is an art of scientific investigation.

OBJECTIVES OF RESEARCH will be the next topic.

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Book Review~ When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Datta

This’s the first book I read of Durjoy Datta, & I must tell you this was Good to read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

Tie your seatbelts and enjoy some glimpse of the story with me… This’s the story of two people Avanti and Devrat.Avanti was living with her nani in Dehradun after her mother death and she’d not shared good equation with her father. She wanted to become a flight attendant, for joining her job at Indiago Airlines she will have to move in Delhi, her Nani forced her to stay with her father in his house.Devrat was a college drop out boy and struggling singer who wanted to become big in his music career. He lived in Kolkata.Both Avanti and Devrat were heart broken souls, Avanti had huge crush on Devrat. She was his big fan. His songs provided soothing her buried heart.After joining flight attendant job Avanti gets a chance to travel in Kolkata and where does she meet with her Devrat, during his performance and that night they enjoyed their time like they were known each other and both felt some kind of peace in each other’s company.Next day Avanti goes back to Delhi but Devrat surprise her when he board in the same flight to travel with Avanti. In Delhi they spent good time and fall in love with each other.They had been dating each other since one year, and for celebrating their first anniversary they plan to meet each other in Mumbai, because they were sharing a long distance relationship.But destiny had planned something different for them, Devrat meet an accident and after this tragedy he has slipped into coma, but that was not the twist. For knowing the real twist of the story you will have to read this book.Will he come out from coma? What will Avanti do without her Devrat?Now story was full of surprises till the end. I love the last chapter of book so much. If romance is your favourite genre, you should read this once. The story’s second half was better than the first.The first thing I loved about this book, that was its title. I read whole book just to find how this title will justify the story of book. And at last it did well. One thing I haven’t liked in this book, whenever Avanti called Devrat… Puppy (it reminded me Dhadak movie famous dialogue…“Puppy, matlab kutte ka chhota bachcha?”)My Rating- ⭐⭐⭐💫/5

I have read 2 of 2 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

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When only love remains

Book Review~ Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland written by Lewis Carroll

This was a story about Alice and her imagination. The Story starts where alice was sitting in the garden with her sister and her sister was reading a book but in that book didn’t had any picture. So Alice could not understand anything about that book and she was bored being solitude so she looked around her and found a white rabbit and started following it while running behind rabbit she fall in its bill.

After falling down in hole, she encountered with different things and characters. Like

Things – Butter, A bottle filled from lucid, Mushroom… They all were special because after eating or drinking any of these, Alice became high or low from her actual size.

Characters – Mouse, Caterpillar, Pig&Perrer, Cat Queen&King, Gryphon, Turtle, Lobster Quadrille and so on.

The Quote I liked in this book, that was

Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

I really enjoyed the beginning of this book, but the middle part of the story was out of my understanding still I pretty much tried to understand it.

This book was full of illustration while reading this I felt the movie had made on this book, it’s visuals would have surely liked by audience.

This is short classic book, I will recommend you to read this if you have want to spare few hours from your day.

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐/5

I have read 1 of 1 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

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Alice in Wonderland

Book Review~ Me before you by JoJo moyes.

It was a fantastic book, and totally heart wrenching story. I just wanted to hug will (William).

Me before you was a story of two people Louisa and Will.

Lou was an average girl, her life was so limited around her family’s members and her hard working steady boyfriend. She was doing quite good in her life. She had weird fashion sense.

Will was a successful business man. He was living a healthy lifestyle, love traveling, active in his life.

Story start when Lou is laid off from her job and will meet a major accident leaving him quadriplegic.

Being an unemployed person, Lou applies in job agency and they suggest her a caregiver job of will. First she denies from that job but because of financial problems she accepted.

Will had lost all hope in his life and completely broken from his compulsion. Lou make her life goal to make Will’s life happy and determined to have him wanting to live life again. For that she planned trip for will and doing all this they have developed feelings for each other.

During their trip Lou confess her feeling to him, will told her he has filed a case for euthanasia, she told him she knew it long before. She told him, she will live with him forever.

Will William change his decision, to know that you will have to read this book?

I love will so much, he was the reason for me flipping the pages of this book, I just wanted him more and more. I loved, love, will be loving him rest of my life. He gave me a broach that live your life fully, this world has full of infinite choice.

Author has done great work, this book will definitely be go on my favourite reading book list.

And I will never forget will, and this line knowledge is power.

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Me Before You

Book Review~ The oath of the VAYUPUTRAS by Amish Tripathi

After reading the first two books, every reader of shiva’s trilogy has set the high hopes from the last book of series, but unfortunately the author did not preserve the same whim in this book that he did in first two books.

When I had finished the second book I was so curious to know why Brahaspati hide himself from others, but in 200 pages all secrets was revealed, Nevertheless book has remained 375 pages.

The thinks, I did not like of this book were;
~ Title of book,
~ Inessential information was exerted so much, that’s why the book had become so lengthy.
~ The End was too dramatic like a Bollywood movie.

Although the book was not up to the mark, which Amish tripathi had set from his first two books, but some thinks I liked this book too;

~ Shiva and Sati singing performance.
~ Bhagirath conversation with her sister for lefting the meluha.

The moral of the story was; Do not compare yourself from others and not your beloved ones If sati does not compare her father to her grandfather, story could had be different.

The characters I liked in this series were;
~ Parvateshwar and Anandmayi
~ Sati

I really wanted to include Shiva’s name in my favorite characters list, but the way author presented his character in this book, made me so forlorn.

There was some statements in the book that instantly captures one’s attention like;
~One makes one’s own luck.
~Nobody in the world, not even God, can tell us what our duty is. Only our soul can.
~ There’s no wrong way to do the right thing. Brilliant!!

This Book was no so good but I am fan of Amish tripathi’s writing style and first two scrumptious books.

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐

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The Oath of the Vayuputras

Book Review~ The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi


It was a very entertaining book. Totally opposite from scriptures which we read about shivji.

The writer had full command on his writing, I didn’t feel anytime, I have been straying from the story because secret had so many layers but the writer managed to clarify the reader at the right time so they can not feel, they are not part this figment story.

My favorite episodes were ~ The vasdevs panditji motive to give their guidance to Mahadev, Anandmayi dance performance, After so much hesitation and trepidation parvateshwar love confession, The eternally love beyond the blood relation between mother- son, The secret revelation of Queen & Lord of Naga identity, and the last page was extremely shocking.

The reverberation of Shiva still has been echoing in my ears, Each and every person is Mahadev.

I was just going to post this review and my lovely sister surprised me by gifting the third book of this series… Thank you, sis.

Looking forward to the last volume of the series… Har Har Mahadev

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Secret of the Nagas

Book Review~ The Immortal of Meluha by Amish Tripathi


The book defines that how an ordinary person gradually discovers the motive of his existence in this world, and how his deeds and karma excite him as Mahadev- God of Gods.

I like this book cause of the authors sincere writing style did not seem, doing injustice with any page or character. After reading any page I had felt to worth use of my mind.

My favorite scenes- Dance of Shiva in Nataraj posture, story about Somras and Satrishi, Sati gave the name to her feeling~ Love, Neelkanth gave the speech before the war and the statement from him was each and every person is Mahadev, the moment when Paravateshwar called Shiva~ His Lord, the moment when Panditji revealed their tribe identity in front of Shiva.

The author described the theory of Duality very beautifully in the form Suryavanshis & Chandravanshis, Devas & Asuras, Masculine & Feminine.

The well-written book, Totally love the author imagination, research & magnificent storytelling skill. The story has made a good space in their reader’s heart, and The Shiva/ Neelkanth/ Mahadev will reside in their reader’s heart forever.

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Immortals of Meluha

Fly Independently

Today, the morning is looking different.Her friends said to her but she was so busy in beholding that cage, which was still hanging in her neighbor Sharma uncle’s balcony, till yesterday in it her best friend reside there but now she has been feeling her mithu in her heartbeat since morning whose she freed from that cage by her own hands.

Yes after doing this, Sharma uncle’s whole family came to her home for complaining to her father. She was standing silently in the corner of the room and everyone was shouting over her. she was not crying, because they were yelling over her, rather she was crying because she was also missing her best friend. like them.

At night when everyone had slept. Her mother asked her why did you open mithu’s cage and Don’t try to say me, that you did that by mistake because I had seen you doing that. Firstly, she was surprised by her mother words, and then slowly she tells her mother that yesterday she read one story about freedom fighter and in it, one line touched her heart deeply “They were sacrificing their life so everyone in the nation lives freely and everyone could fly in the sky.”

This was a promise which she gave to her mithu. During the time when she was reading that line, On this independence day he will also fly freely with all his mate in the sky. 🇨🇮

||Happy Independence Day||
Muse – Divya Tiwari