Book Review~ Marry Me, Stranger by Novoneel Chakraborty

Marry me stranger, is the book i have started reading due to curiosity of knowing that when two stranger get married then how things gonna happen in their life and how they deal with their reality but it was not the story of marriage.

It is the story of a Rivanah who was the single child of Mr. & Mrs. Bannerjee. After selecting from MNC located in Mumbai, Rivanah moved from Kolkata to Mumbai and stayed with her cousin sister and her husband for some days later shifted in PG with two other unknown girls in whom one become her best friend and other one was not because of her reserved nature.

In story where does writer explain Rivanah and Ekansh’s relationship that part is nice to read.

Basically this was the story of Rivanah and a stranger from whom she had been getting messages over her phone since the day she came Mumbai, and firstly Rivanah was irritated, nervous, feared and so many other emotions dealing within herself about stranger, but when that stranger exposed Ekansh in front of her who was cheating her in their relationship till that day a soft core generated in Rivanah’s heart for that stranger after that stranger helped her for solving more problems of her life.

It’s a story you can try to read if you like mistery genres series.

Read a series of books to know what happens with Rivanah and the stranger’s friendship?

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐

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Marry me, stranger

Book Review~ How I taught my grandmother to read by Sudha Murty

How I taught my grandmother to read contains 25 stories which is based on Ms. Murty life’s experience, and those she heard from others, Basically book has good collection of short stories and semi autobiographical in nature which based on meaningful secrets of life.

The book language was so simple and easy to read. It would be the best recommendation for beginners. Author experience and stories are so interesting to caught reader’s attention.

The book stories were themed around morals and wisdom, it is enough to refresh our mind and encourage us to be optimistic in our tough time.

Book is the journey of author’s grandmother to become literate. Book talk about another good topic too like Girl child education, Savings money, Gender discrimination, Belief on yourself, family support, Be Honest, Do something for society, Give some freedom to your kids, etc.

The book come across some great personalities like Mr. Abdul Kalam, Mr. JRD Tata with whom Ms. Murthy shared cordial relationship.

Overall book is worth spending for, some its stories I will keep close to my heart forever. You can call this book a light read with heavy wisdom which is definitely rare combination to get.

My Rating~ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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How I taught my grandmother to read

Book Review~ When Only Love Remains by Durjoy Datta

This’s the first book I read of Durjoy Datta, & I must tell you this was Good to read, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one.

Tie your seatbelts and enjoy some glimpse of the story with me… This’s the story of two people Avanti and Devrat.Avanti was living with her nani in Dehradun after her mother death and she’d not shared good equation with her father. She wanted to become a flight attendant, for joining her job at Indiago Airlines she will have to move in Delhi, her Nani forced her to stay with her father in his house.Devrat was a college drop out boy and struggling singer who wanted to become big in his music career. He lived in Kolkata.Both Avanti and Devrat were heart broken souls, Avanti had huge crush on Devrat. She was his big fan. His songs provided soothing her buried heart.After joining flight attendant job Avanti gets a chance to travel in Kolkata and where does she meet with her Devrat, during his performance and that night they enjoyed their time like they were known each other and both felt some kind of peace in each other’s company.Next day Avanti goes back to Delhi but Devrat surprise her when he board in the same flight to travel with Avanti. In Delhi they spent good time and fall in love with each other.They had been dating each other since one year, and for celebrating their first anniversary they plan to meet each other in Mumbai, because they were sharing a long distance relationship.But destiny had planned something different for them, Devrat meet an accident and after this tragedy he has slipped into coma, but that was not the twist. For knowing the real twist of the story you will have to read this book.Will he come out from coma? What will Avanti do without her Devrat?Now story was full of surprises till the end. I love the last chapter of book so much. If romance is your favourite genre, you should read this once. The story’s second half was better than the first.The first thing I loved about this book, that was its title. I read whole book just to find how this title will justify the story of book. And at last it did well. One thing I haven’t liked in this book, whenever Avanti called Devrat… Puppy (it reminded me Dhadak movie famous dialogue…“Puppy, matlab kutte ka chhota bachcha?”)My Rating- ⭐⭐⭐💫/5

I have read 2 of 2 books for the 2019 Reading Challenge! What should I read next?

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When only love remains